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Engineering Services

R. E. Wedding Associates Consulting Engineers, based in Port Moody, BC, offers mechanical, electrical and automation design to residential, commercial and industrial clients. We specialize in mechanical engineering consulting and project management for the following:

Bulk Materials Handling

We handle bulk materials projects for coal, grain, iron ore, potash, alumina (including Ports and Marine, storage, conveying, ship-loading, receiving, rail and infrastructure).

HVAC, Plumbing, Drainage, Acoustics

Whether you’re a residential, commercial or industrial client, we can fulfil your HVAC, plumbing, drainage and acoustics needs. Need a geothermal heating and cooling system design, boiler upgrade or domestic work re-pipe design? Call R. E. Wedding Associates Consulting Engineers.

Industrial Hydraulics Design

Here at R. E. Wedding Associates Consulting Engineers, we provide engineering consulting for industrial hydraulics design and industrial process design.

Steam Systems, Piping Design

Get in touch with us regarding our extensive experience in steam systems and industrial piping design.

Grain & Malt Process Automation

We have designed improvements for grain operations, upgrading material handling, storage and shipping systems, dust control and cleaning around the world. We were able to increase productivity capacity and reduce fugitive emissions.

We have served as project engineers for new malt plants in Calgary, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay and Montreal; also upgrading and modernizing facilities with installation of indirect heating and heat recovery systems, hydraulics for bin bottom gate control, scale gate and garner gate control, and hydraulic test weight systems.

Check Us Out

Take a look at our Projects Page to see what other projects we’ve completed. Then let us know how we can serve you.