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Our Projects Worldwide

From 2005 to 2014, the owner of R. E. Wedding Associates Consulting Engineers, Rene Wedding, P.Eng., undertook and successfully wrapped up several projects in Canada, Australia and the U.S. These projects called upon his expertise in materials handling, automation, hydraulics, dust control, electrical engineering and more.

T.E Ibberson Company and EGT, Minneapolis, MN

  • Mechanical engineer for a state-of-the-art air-supported conveyor material handling systems for a world class 9-Mtpa grain export terminal, Longview Washington, for EGT-Bunge
  • Includes barge receiving conveyors, shiploader conveyors for Panamax vessels, general conveying and rail receiving
  • Design and fabrication assistance of 27 air-supported conveyors (ASC) totaling 15,000 feet. Capacities to 4500 tph including air systems, dust control, structural analysis using COSMOS
  • Integration of ASC into 3 shiploaders for 80,000-tonne PANAMAX vessel loading
  • Fabrication review of ASC conveyors, shop drawing review of all components
  • Field reviews
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Regular site inspections and warranty reviews

Kinder Morgan VWL Terminal, Vancouver, Canada

  • Design of hydraulic shiploader access gangway, including controls, automation, hydraulics.
  • Start-up and commissioning

Kinder Morgan VWL Terminal, Vancouver, Canada

  • Forensic investigation of shiploader fire, report and shiploader rebuild
  • Start-up and commissioning of shiploader rebuild

ADM AMA Grain Terminal Shipping System Rebuild

  • Design, shop drawing review and installation supervision of three 2000-tph shipping conveyors in LA, USA
  • Dust control design and hydraulic gate design for scale control gates
  • Start-up and commissioning of ship loading system
  • Dust control system testing

Bunge EGT Longview, WA Grain Terminal

  • Field work and commissioning of a new 9-Mtpa grain export terminal in Longview, Washington
  • Start-up and testing of 27 new air supported conveyors, capacity to 4500-Mtphr grain
  • Dust control system testing
  • Start-up and commissioning of a fixed three-tower Panamax shiploader

Bunge Destrehan LA Air-Supported Conveyor Design

  • Design of 2 new air-supported conveyors (ASC) for meal and grain reclaim
  • Start-up and commissioning of conveying system

Kinder Morgan Vancouver Wharves

  • Air-supported conveyor (ASC) upgrades
  • Bin top shuttle conveyor upgrades
  • Conveyor capacity and automation improvements

Howe Sound Pulp

  • Chip conveyor design
  • Shop drawing review

KM LNG Kitimat, BC

  • Design of clay ocean dump system, including conveyors, feeders, crushers, barge winch systems
  • Automation and controls for ocean dump barge load out
  • Electrical design for MCC, power distribution, controls

Hyseco Hydraulics

  • Review of Design for large hydraulic knife gate actuating system

Sandwell Engineering and Ausenco Australia, Vale, Australia

  • Vale, Australia Pty Ltd Ellensfield CHPP FEL2 study
  • Raw coal handling, stockpiling, storage and reclaim options
  • Produced design criteria
  • Produced flow schematics, PFD, P&IDs for each option, including mass balance
  • Produced GAs to allow estimating and evaluation of options
  • Produced FEL2 estimates for bulk earthworks, concrete structures, structural steel fabrication and erection, plate work, site-erected tankage, piping and valves, electrical and instrumentation and misc. buildings

Sandwell Engineering and Ausenco Australia, WICT Coal Terminal

  • Project manager for peer review of Connell Hatch Preliminary Engineering for a 70 Mtpa coal facility in Gladstone, QLD, Australia
  • Project consisted of a new WICT (Wiggins Island Coal Terminal) for shipping metallurgical and thermal coal from 22 stakeholder miners located in the north of Australia, including Xstrata as the major stakeholder
  • Project encompassed complete coal chain from the 22 mines, storage at the mines, rail transport, port unloading, storage and shipping facilities
  • Regular rail and cargo assembly and port storage options reviewed for mine
  • Simulations conducted to determine receiving, storage and shipping options
  • Dust control reduction and emissions strategies reviewed and proposed for receiving, storage, reclaim and shipping to meet environmental standards
  • Receiving designs reviewed and optimized
  • CAPEX cost-reduction strategies recommended
  • Storage design, which consisted of gantry stackers with tunnel reclaim for blending, reviewed
  • Alternate strategies with synergies to the existing 70-Mtpa RGTCT (R. G. Tanna) coal terminal developed and recommended
  • Alternate shipping strategies proposed to reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs
  • Review conducted of the existing RGTCT; site report written
  • CAPEX estimate reviewed with specialist in each field to determine if the costs were within 15% as required by the client
  • Overall project design and delivery reviewed to determine if the project was economic and bankable
  • A detailed, bound report was submitted to Gladstone Port Corporation
  • A PowerPoint of the results and recommendations presented to GPC and the stakeholders in Brisbane